Innovella Inntermix


If you are like most buisness leaders, you've probably spent millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours buying and deploying best-of-breed enterprise applications to run various aspects of your business.
And you've probably spent nearly as much time developing and maintaining "home grown" applications to perform functions unique to your business. 
Unfortunately, these systems are inherently incompatible, and almost everything your business does involves more than one of them.



The only way to unlock the full value of your systems is to integrate them so they can seamlessly interact with each other.

The Innovella Inntermix platform is an automated data exchange solution to facilitate the seamless sharing of information between independent systems and applications.  Inntermix reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure and dramatically improves its reliability, flexibility and scalability - giving you the ability to focus on improving how your business runs instead of worrying about whether or not your infrastructure will be scalable or flexible enough to support new initiatives or capitalize on perpetual shifts in the market.  It provides the following advantages to data integration and aggregation:

    • Allows customers to use their existing IT investments and assets.  No change to existing applications needed
    • Provides full audit trail of all data exchanges and interactions between applications
    • Performs all the data and key translations between integrated systems
    • Search and report on data across components and data
    • Single interface to view all components and data
    • Available at a fraction of the cost of Tibco, BizTalk, InterSystems, Sonic ESB or WebSphere