Company Services

Services Offered

Application Design and Analysis

We deliver complete design solutions that adapt to the user, rather than forcing the user to adapt to them.  We conduct thorough due diligence to gain a broad understanding of the solution and its intended users, actual users, functional opportunities, market placement and other critical factors.  Our deliverables are a complete specification document, visual prototype and estimate for Software Development.

Software Development

Based on the deliverables of Application Design and Analysis, our experienced software developers follow Innovella's Objective-SQL design pattern to ensure high quality and on-time deliver of software components.  We use the latest, yet proven technology from Microsoft and apply our project management methodology to meet our client's expectations.

Web Services and E-Commerce Solutions

Web services will transform B2B relationships.  By leveraging .NET technology, Innovella can deliver your next web service.

Executive Consulting

 We analyze your business situation or idea and recommend solutions that will use the highest return on investment through innovation, excellence and the practical application of technology.  Our consultants are experienced in enabling companies to drastically reduce operating costs while introducing new avenues for generating revenue.

Technology Experts

In order to provide continued focus and technological leadership, we continually train our experts in a variety of technical areas.