Innovella Inntermix

Facilitate the seemless sharing of information between independent systems and applications - at a fraction of the cost!

Application Design

Complete design solutions that adapt to the user rather than forcing the user to adapt to them. 

Software Development

Delivering high quality software using the latest in proven Microsoft technology to meet our client's expectations.

IT Assessment

What is the health of your IT department?


Welcome to Innovella!

We are experts in connecting your business

Our company at a glance

Since 2003, Innovella has helped companies seize opportunities and solve problems through innovation, excellence and practical use of techonology.

Innovella creates solutions to the problems that matter to you - top-line revenue, maximized customer value, optimized operations, connected and reliable system, robust intelligence.

A full-service outsourcing partner

Innovella cultivates long-term relationships with its clients by creating interactive partnerships and functioning as an extension of their teams - invested in the success of their businesses as if they were our own.  Our services are provided for the full life of a client's technology solution, including:

We build community - with and for our clients, our employees, our technology partners and our environment.  Our distinctive corporate culture attracts inventive thinkers, passionate technologists and collaborative achievers.  Innovella employees are a diverse collection of smart and enthusiastic professionals who understand that the success of Innovella is anchored in the success of our clients and our team.